The Sugarcreek Budget in Pinecraft

 Starting in November through April the Pioneer Trails Bus brings down The Budget for the people who keep up with the weekly news in the Plain Communities. The Budget has been in circulation well over a hundred years. 

Sam Troyer from Dover Delaware is in charge of The Budget upon arrival. He sets up a table and sets down a plastic gallon jug. Before the bus arrives most of the people come and drop in their $1.00 bill and then once The Budgets hit the table, the people who had dropped in their dollar pick up their paper and move on, making room other people to get their Budget. 

 Sam with the amount of Budgets he ordered. 

Paul Wagler picks up a bundle of Budgets for Yoder's Amish Village. If you miss picking up The Budget here, Sam has the rest at is home on a table in the front porch. And they are available at Yoder's and I think at Der Dutchman's too. 


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