Casey Key

 Sometime after 4 pm I got a text message asking if I want to go for a convertible ride? Without hesitation I said, "Yes" and less than half an hour Lena Schlabach and their daughters picked me up and we were on our way. Here are a few of the pictures I took. 

 They fixed the back seat for me to sit up high, which fitted me perfectly to get some shots. Felicia gets shot through the mirror. 

The last of the setting sun. 


  1. Katie, I almost missed these! Our very first vacation to Florida was last winter (I live in upstate NY) and we were able to spend 3 lovely days on Casey Key (Nokomis Beach.) It was absolutely lovely and nothing like the east coast or Miami area. Bill loved it, too and that is crucial to my getting back here this coming winter!!! We took a day and went to Sarasota to visit a cousin and then.... found our way over to Yoder's Restaurant, thanks to you and Sherry Gore doing such a good job of talking it up ... and we were not disappointed one little teeny tiny bit! I still can't get over the size of my piece of chocolate cake... Thanks for the pictures and just last night, Bill blocked out a few weeks in February for another FL trip... guess where he wants to go? Casey Key, of course!


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