Time to Go Home

 Yesterday ten bus loads of people left Pinecraft. For them the Christmas Holidays have come to an end and it is time to get back to the normal routine of work and school. 

 Four Crossroad buses from Indiana were the first to be loaded.


 Daddy and daughter watching...

Johnny Giles telling these boys off, which is becoming the normal in Pinecraft.

 After the four buses left.

The Melard Coach from Lancaster Pennsylvania left with a few passengers. They brought down passengers earlier in the week, but not many were ready to go back north.

In the afternoon Pioneer Trails left with five loaded buses.

And there are still some people left in Pinecraft.

 The Arthur Illinois bus loaded and left soon after 6 pm. 

This year the weather was perhaps a bit too warm for the northern vacationers with temperatures up in the 80's. It was perfect beach weather and it was like my great-niece Grace said, "We are beached out" meaning we have had enough.  


  1. Who is Johnny Giles and why is he telling people off?

  2. He is a local homeless man who lived in Pinecraft as a child. People say he is schizophrenia and he was taken off his medication some time ago. when I first learned to know him, he appeared to be a normal homeless person but not anymore.

  3. Hey there kate im am so interested in the Amish and your faith the way you live and i admire ur blog its very kewl are you born n raised Amish?


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