Excitement on Schrock Street

Pat Yoder saw smoke coming out of a house across the street from their home. It is the duplex on the left. Pat called 911 and also her husband who was at the park. His horseless carriage galloped home as fast as it could go, which took just minutes. Even so by the time he was home the police was already there plus a fire truck. 

All told someone said there were fifteen emergency vehicles on site. 

It started from a faulty electrical outlet where the refrigerator was plugged in. There were no flames and so no water damage. Instead fire extinguishes were used. 

Women can fight fires too.

Standby just in case he is needed.

 Everybody that came around had questions.

 Stowing their equipment in getting ready to leave.

 It was safe to enter the house, so these two went in first.

And this one followed.

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  1. Oh wow!! The park must have become a sparely populated place while this was going on!! Thank goodness for Pat spotting it!


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