Sunday Evening Outing

 A couple of years ago Nancy and I found this very private spot on Ken Thompson Parkway. Last evening we needed a ride, so we found this spot again. The first thing we saw was a dozen or more Pelicans settling down for the night.

 The view across the bay.

 Cleaning up and preening feathers.

 The little bit of a beach.

 We had the sun on our backs, for we were facing east, so we had the best of light for photography.

 The view at our feet.

 There is beauty everywhere if we look for it.

 The Splash

Twisted Necks

 Whenever the Pelicans went diving for fish the Sea Gulls followed and joined them. 
 The sun's reflection on the high rises across the bay.

 Nancy relaxing

 The boys, the girls had their own and came in first.

 The first time these boat docks were not here. 

 A few last shots on our way out.


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