Kropf Hobby Farm

 Dropping in on people is more or less a thing of the past. But today we did it. Nancy and I were east of I-75, driving around looking for Kodak moments, when we saw Lena tending their flowers. Her husband Daniel does landscaping for a living and so every bush and shrub is down pat for a beautiful home. 
Lena took us on a tour of her Hobby Farm. The goose greeted us with her honking.

 One cluck hatched out a brood of chicks.

 Busy laying their daily, organic, free range egg. Some were eating at the feeders, while others were scratching outside. 
 This is a beauty. I marvel at the design of each feather.

 Lena said she was told if chickens have black legs they will lay blue or green eggs. With time she will know if this is true. She recently bought these chickens and they are not laying yet.

 Admiring their beauty.

The Farm dog. 


  1. Gorgeous farme, chicks, and dog. The pictures are fantastic. What a fun visit.

    1. Thank you Monica. This visit gives me the desire to visit more hobby farms. I love photography and Lena had a tender touch to her farming. All of this adds beauty to a captured photo.

  2. You are blessed to be acquainted Daniel & Lena! They are very special people! And yes, they have a very nice farm!


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