Going North

 Ohio Youth, most of them from Geauga County.

 Indiana son and Daddy.

 It was neat hoe each girl in this family boarded the bus with their rolled up lap robe. They looked home made.

 Wayne Mast and his wife are going home. Her sister and husband John are staying, at least they are not going home today. 

 Time for "Good Byes". 

 The bus leaves with basically a full load. 

The exhausted work crew after pushing and shoving the luggage in the compartments.  


  1. I'd love to visit Pinecraft and have to figure out how long it takes to get there from New Smyrna Beach. Sounds like this is the time to go. Just wondering if all of the stores and restaurants will remain open during Spring and Summer.
    Thank you!

    1. The only thing that closes during the summer months in Pinecraft are the rental bike shops. Everything else stays open year round.


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