Anna Graber Goes North

 I couldn't understand why Crist Petersheim is getting on the Pioneer Bus this afternoon. I knew he wasn't going north, especially not without his wife. 

 But he got off the bus again. Crist was looking if Anna Graber is already on the bus. His wife Ada is a niece to Anna and he wants to wish her a safe trip to Indiana.

 Pauline Miller also came around and was waiting for this someone who was going to travel north, which happened to also be Anna Graber. Pauline had worked for Anna many years ago in the restaurant business.

Elizabeth Schlabach another niece was also waiting on Anna to wish her well before she travels north. 
Anna Graber is special to many people in the surrounding neighborhood. 


  1. Thanks for the photo of my first cousin Pauline Yutzy Miller.I have not seen her since I moved to Phoenix Az in 1988.We hung out in the 70's when she was a teenager and I spent winters in Sarasota...Lenny Gingerich..

    1. Thanks for your comment. Pauline is loaded with Pinecraft history and I love meeting up with her for and learn some more history.


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