Thursday Evening

Tonight I decided I am not going to post any pictures of the shuffleboard game and so I didn't.

Both of these men have Lancaster County roots. Maybe they knew each other in their younger years. I simply don't know, but neither one lives in Pennsylvania. Crist Petersheim lives here in Pinecraft and the other man is from Indiana.

This group is in the park about once a week. They come in quiet and respectful, do their exercises at the far end of the parking lot then pack up and leave again. 

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  1. Ah, the gym guy's.Drop roll and move on, interesting set up.In Boston, mass early morning hours we have dog walkers and old, very old Asian woman moving soooooooo slow in these endless movements. tai chi, I imagine. Spotted all over the Boston common are these persons.Fresh air, total movement access, not a bad idea. Now here in Gloucester, ma, there outside lone gull cafe, while I sip my morning brew, a small workout shop across the way has some of their clients running around outside,up the hill and down. Kinda stupid to pay for that but hay not my cash flow, none the less. Drop and roll and go, pretty damned good buck saver and catch up with light conversation.


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