Dinner Time

The Peanut Man was late getting to the park and the squirrels went from person to person begging for peanuts. when this one discovered nobody had any peanuts, he pulled grass and chewed on that. 


  1. addictions, addictions. Peanuts,coffee,beer,chocolate and the list goes on but this little guy peanuts.Can we stop and think about that, just peanuts. No bills,no rent etc just some peanuts. Hahaha

  2. I see the squirrels are still alive and well in Pine town.Back in the 70's I spent a few winter's staying at my aunt Martha Yutzys place at 3534 Hacienda St.There was a big tree on the west side of the drive way and a few squirrels hung out there.If they dared to come down and play in the drive,my aunt was out the door,broom in hand and it was on.Lots of shouting with much waving of the broom usually resulted in the squirrels moving back up in the tree where they would sit munching away while watching the show down below.I'm not sure why this was,maybe it was because the squirrels did some unauthorized excavating in her prized flower beds.God bless her,she had a heart of gold and was always doing for others.I miss her,she did a lot for me and has been gone for a few years now.Go squirrels!.Lenny.


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