Concert on Birky Street

 Tonight at six there was a John Schmid concert on Birky Street.
Instead of sitting in the center of the huge crowd, I decided to make a circle around the backside. These are the few I captured.

 This was the first that caught my eye, Norman Eicher formerly from Aylmer Ontario, with his  daughter and baby doll sitting on his shoulders. On his right are his mother and father, who has since moved from Aylmer to Powassan Ontario. 

 Coming prepared to sit, but where?

 A spot was found and these sweet ladies are in the process of getting off.

And the sun set tonight.

There was also the Saturday night concert on Gardenia Street.  Big Olaf was busy and people were in and out of the Deli. And it looked like all the rest of the people were on the streets biking and walking. It was a busy evening.


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