Going Home, Vacation is Over

Going Home for the holidays are over. 
It is time to pack up, 
load up, step up,
board the bus,
find your seat,
settle down 
for a twenty plus hour bus ride,

Friday morning four CrossRoads buses loaded and headed north. This is my favorite photo of the morning. All the waving hands speak volumes about family connections, of good times in Florida.

Around 2 o'clock six Pioneer Trails buses started loading to leave for the north. Five of these six buses also had Indiana passengers. 

These two photos of women and men amazed me. 
Within two minutes these women disappeared and a group of men too the same spot. I had barely blinked my eyes and this change took place. 

An older woman looking at the baby in the stroller before the young family boards the bus.

 The End 

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