Gone Fishing at the Fishing Hole

I always love to take a peek down to the fishing hole on the Phillippi Creek in the park. The people always have their backs turned, so I only see their backside. This is the way it ought to be as I don't look at them from across the creek.

I don't know who this woman is for I have only seen her a few times at the park but for some reason this shot reminds me of Eve, Adam's wife. I am assuming Eve also had to go fishing after the fall in the Garden of Eden. I am also assuming they used fish. If not for food, certainly for fertilizer to give their corn a booster.

Emma reminds me of patience and contentment, of deep meditation as she sits on her five-gallon bucket a fishing.

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  1. I love the fact that all of these photos are from behind:)

  2. These pictures looks so beautiful and peaceful!

  3. Nice Pictures how were the fishing biting?


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