In the Garden...

I come to the garden alone to read. No, not really a garden but Lydia Mae Schwartz is sitting under the shade of a tree to read. I happened to see her through a flower bed.


  1. I come to the garden alone
    while the dew is still on the ... coreopsis?
    and the voice I hear falling on me ear
    the Son of God discloses.

    Well, it rhymes ok instead of "roses" but the meter is off :-) Katie do you know this hymn, "In the Garden?"

  2. I come to the Gatrden alone... is one of my favorite hymns.

  3. Ah! I kind of thought so :-) A very sweet picture.

  4. I ran across your blog today-beautiful picture. I have heard the hymn In the Garden so many times by my grandmother. Love your blog.


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