Like Normal; the Backside

These pictures were taken tonight at the park just a little bit before dark. Anymore I think this is the best time of the day to be out with the camera.

I guess obviously the Volleyball net is good for more than just playing Volleyball. It also serves well as a monkey bar. By the way these children played and hung on the net, it wasn't their first time...

Today the Pioneer trails bus was three hours late due to the tornatos and storms last night. The bus missed the storms but twice they came upon the after effects of trees down and trucks rolled over. And so they had to wait until the road was cleared again before continuing. Tomorrow about 40 people head up north on the bus. I asked the owners where all these people come from as it seem there are not that many people around anymore. Irene said, "We are rounding them up." Must be they are around somewhere. But then for two weeks there is not going to be any bus services.


  1. Nice pictures wonder how many holes got put in the net by hanging??? God Bless

  2. To anyone who might be interested in reading a post from Jean, an old order Mennonite woman from New York state on my blog "Amish Stories". This is Jeans first ever post on the internet, and she's only doing this to give some insight into her culture. Feel free to post any questions that you may have for her, and if she gets enough responses in the form of questions, she may answer a few of them on her next post at her convenience. Richard from Lebanon county's Amish community.


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