We are going down the valley,
with our faces toward the setting of the sun.

Tonight I feel like Spanish Moss.
Maybe it is because Pinecraft is empty...
Maybe it is because my neighbor's funeral was yesterday...
Pinecraft is constantly shifting and changing. In the winter months Pinecraft groans under the weight of thousands of people. Pinecraft felt the vibrations of masses of people going up and down the streets. It groaned under the jumping up and down going after the volley ball and  after the basket balls. It was constantly feeling the push of being shuffled back and forth on the Shuffleboard courts. And suddenly Pinecraft is emptied out. The people disappeared by the droves, by the dozens, by the hundreds. And Pinecraft swings and sways quietly in the evening, at dusk alone, like the Spanish Moss.  And Sam walks toward the setting of the sun. 


  1. Katie, you sound very reflective if not outright sad. I would guess this is the busy time of year for those who make their living up north, so they can come play down south in the winter. Are there enough year round locals for the businesses to do well? Our ecconomy is a bit shaky all around the country. Just wondering. Very nice pictures, as usual!

  2. Yoder's and Troyer's the Amish restruants still do well in the summer, although you don't have to wait ages to be seated. The local Sarasota people come and dine. There are still going to be people around, but of a different flavor. The homeless will settle down at the park during the day. And many other locals come out of the woodwork to walk and stroll the streets in the evenings, instead of the Plain People. I will have time to do my sewing, to work on photo albums, to make a few trips up north and to just plain not do anything for short periods of time. Right now I am in the process of changing gears.


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