Grace Leads Me Home, by Marlene C Miller

While I was in Ohio at my sister’s place I read this book: “Grace Leads Me Home” by Marlene C Miller. I knew Marlene ever since I was about ten years old, as she was married to my aunt’s husband’s brother. But I never knew her story; instead I just assumed I knew it. 
Johnny, her husband was a wild Amish boy, that fell in love with an English girl and after they were married for a few years he repented and so they joined the Amish. I thought this was the way it was because this is the way it normally is, at least the few times a wife of an ex-Amish guy joins the Amish.
But Marlene’s story blew my mind; it blew my preconceived thinking all to pieces. She did not join the Amish against her will, nor because Johnny talked her into going Amish because he wanted to return to his people. But instead God reached down and granted her to be born-again and deep in her heart God prompted her to go Amish. It was her desire to join the Amish, not Johnny putting the pressure on.   And so began Johnny’s journey back to his people, to the Amish and Marlene followed him gladly.
I think all people that look with longing the simplicity of the Amish and their lifestyle should read Marlene’s book. Marlene writes from her own experiences of joining the Amish and living the life. She did not live the life of ease, of glamour, of a sparkling life. No, she lived the life of sweat, toil, of dirty diapers and smelly pigs. But she also lived with peace in her heart, knowing she is where God wants her to be. And this is the ultimate desire of each heart, to be at peace with God.
Marlene is one of the few that joined the Amish for the sole purpose of pleasing God. This is where God wanted her to be. But then there are many Amish born people that leave for the very same reason Marlene joined the Amish. I am one of those. God would not save me until I renounced the lifestyle and all that goes with it, because I had thought I have to be Amish to please God and go to heaven. I guess reading Marlene’s book makes me realize not to judge people. It is not up to me to decide if it is right or wrong for someone to leave or join the Amish. If we truly seek after the things of God, He specifically shows what He wants us to do and where He wants us to be.
This book; “Grace Leads Me Home” is not on the Internet. At her book signing I bought the book for $14.99. I am assuming there is a postage fee that goes with the book, unless you can pick it up at a local bookstore. For a copy order it from Marlene. Her contact address is:
Marlene C Miller
9082 Cement Bridge Rd
Dundee OH 44624
Phone: 866 -660-2332


  1. I just heard about this book this morning, someone from the Amish Literature page on FB mentioned it. I do plan on getting it, sounds like a very good read. Thanks for posting this Katie!

  2. I'm enjoying your book reviews here lately because you're honest and you've got a good writing style yourself. I'll drop her a line and find out about getting a copy of the book - sounds right up my alley. Thanks and have a good weekend ~ ♥

  3. Morning, Katie! Indeed, one must listen to the Holy Spirit. HE leads and guides into all truth. All is well here in West Michigan, if you know what I mean...

    In Christ alone,

  4. Looks like an interesting read Katie, i always enjoy hearing about folks who join the Amish from the outside, and on why they are doing it. Good post. Richard

  5. Hi Katie, Thank you for your review of this book. I have sent this link to my fellow Englishers who like reading about the Amish. I know of you from Erik's site and my mother passes through Pinecraft frequently and hopes to run into you. Happy Holidays.
    Newburyport, MA


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