My Uncle

The backside of my last living uncle, age 80 years old. Last week I or we stopped in at their yard sale and bought the old hickory rocker that Mom used to rock her baby brother when their parents were in the barn milking the cows. This morning we returned to pick up an old hutch and watched for an opportunity to get at least a picture of him unaware.

Here he is taking the wheelbarrow down the "Barn Yard Hill". Barn Yard Hill is a literal translation from the German we speak, which is the hill or sloop that goes from the second story of the barn down to the lower level.

I find it such a pleasure to visit with him and I could feel his love and appreciation last week and also today  when we stopped in.


  1. Glad to see he is still somewhat active regardless of his age. Nice story. Richard from Lebanon counties Amish settlement.



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