Two Generations Ago

This is the Hickory Rocker my Grandparents had. On Tuesday evening my Sister Clara bought it at a yard sale and so it continues to stay in the family. The rocker is almost a hundred years old. My grandparents' great-grandson is on the rocker.

Years later long after grandpa died Grandma decided she needs a more comfortable rocker and so she bought this one in the late 1960's. She had this rocker at the window where she could rock and watch the traffic on the County Road, which was just a few buggies and cars now and then. Even so she knew every horse and buggy that went down the road. She always wondered where it is going and what it wants...

This is a portion of her five year diary. Click on to enlarge. She wrote about going to Big Church which was her way of saying Communion Services. The reason we called it Big Church was because it lasted all day long.
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  1. I love that, especially that diary - that is so priceless. What a great post. Thanks for sharing that ~ ♥

  2. I have a few hickory rockers and a hickory table, both signed by its Amish craftsman. Richard from the Amish settlement of Lebanon,Pa


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