Saturday's Photo Shots

 On Friday evening Marie Beachy told me about this cactus on a street just off Bahia Vista. So I biked down Bahia Vista until I found what I was looking for. It looked like it is going to have a number of blooms Saturday morning.

 So I set my alarm to get up at sunrise for I knew cactus don't last long after the sun is up and also this is the best time to shoot pictures in natural light. 

 This is what I found.

 An "Englisher" lady with a Daviess County accent walked by and she told me these are Night Blooming Cereus. 

 Sort of the back of the house I found another bigger plant with a slightly different makeup.

 This plant had some carvings.

 Plus a name.

 I just loved the beautiful little house, including the stucco. 

 On the ride back home I found some Dessert Roses.

 And some of these, which are very plentiful in Pinecraft.

 I stopped by to say "Hi" to these wild looking beauties. I think I have shot photos of them before.

 I pass these every time I leave home or return. The early morning sun just added to the beauty of each flower.

 Last evening I found this outside Yoder's Deli. It has a beauty all its own, although I think the flowers around the Deli suffer a bit from TLC. Not every caretaker has a "Green Thumb" although the previous caretaker, Noah Brenneman probably had more than one "Green Thumb". Maybe this is the time of the year too, for the potted plants to loose their beauty.

I was down at the park last night and took a shot at the setting sun.


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