I Go a Fishing...

 A Day or two ago ( think it was the same man) was fishing with a net and it caught on the bottom of the creek and when he pulled on the rope the rope tore and he us and left. What else was there to do? 

 This afternoon he was catching fish again. He fished until his five gallon bucket was full.

 I was fascinated watching him cast his net and pull in struggling fish. The fish flopped on the ground until he got a hold of the wiggly wet fish and put them in the bucket. Naturally my thought went to the New Testament when the disciples went fishing in the Sea of Galilee. Sometimes they had such big catches their nets broke. And so there was always the mending of nets and someone cleaning fish. 

 And someone cleaned fish today and brought the waste down to the creek where the birds were waiting for their supper.

 He dumped the waste right at the water's edge.

 Getting water to rinse out the bucket.

Screaming, and hollering and fighting, whatever a bird has to do to get it's share of fish guts, of fish heads, fish brains and fish eyes.


  1. Your title drew me in and the photos are wonderful. Thanks for the Sunday sermon--beautiful. :)

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