Melard Coach from Lancaster County

Today was the first time I have been around when the Melard Coach came in or left Pinecraft. Over the weekend I met up with one of the drivers and found out what their schedules are and so I was there this morning when the bus loaded passengers to head back north.

 People waiting at the Tourist church's parking lot for the bus to arrive.

 The bus pulls in.

Bus drivers and managers.

 Getting the luggage from the vehicle to the bus. The older people had their own kind of suitcases, what was on the market back in their younger days.

 Joanna Stoltzfus visiting one last time with one of her friends. The women on the left are three generations from the same family.

 Visiting one last time.

 I love how the younger women are paying attending to what the older is saying.

 I am assuming these are sisters.

 More visiting.



  1. I know the one driver, Adam Weaver and his wife, Nora. Was neat to see this picture story.

  2. How can I find a house or place to rent next winter?

  3. You can check on the bulletin board outside of the pine craft post office

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