Plain Things

 Maybe a month or more ago I received a note from Aaron Stoll requesting my mailing address. Ever since he kept me wondering why he wants my address and today I found the reason. This is the reason.

Here is some more information about the magazine. I look forward to receiving more future issues.

The reason I find this magazine very interesting is because Caneyville and Brownsville KY are patterned after the original Cookeville TN community where Elmo Stoll was the leader and I was on that first van load of people to move to the Cookeville Community in October 1990. 
We had a little magazine called  The Update. The Update editors were Elmo Stoll and Bryce Geiser. The editors of Plain Things are Bryce Geiser and Aaron Stoll. Aaron is Elmo's fourth son. He and I became good friends before he was two years old and have always been friends, even after parting 13 years ago. Some of the writers in these first two issues were babies and cute little boys when Cookeville was in it's prime. 

Anyway, here is the contact information of whoever wants it.


  1. I forgot to tell you... I went back to that little shop in Indiana to get you the patterns, but they were closed. The sign said they were open wed but they werent.


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