Pinecraft Park Activities

 Daniel Ebersole's Titanic Ship
 Left: Daniel and Emma Ebersole

 She is doing her thing.

 Cute siblings in the bike cart.

 Daniel Ebersole's demonstrations, which is right up most men's allies. 

 Checker games

 Giving his little sons each a swing ride, plus doing his own stretching.

 There is security in Daddy's arms.

 On the left is Owen, the man who left a disturbance two weeks ago when Moonlight Bluegrass was at the park. The police came and took him out of the park. But tonight her is back in again. He is not homeless. He has money and bought his own supper. He is obviously very hungry for something more to fill his emptiness other than beer and food. It blesses me to see this Amish man visiting with him. I have often prayed for Owen and this may be an answer to prayers.

I didn't see how it happened, but when Owen was on his way out of the park his scooter flipped. He is being helped up and soon was on his way again.


  1. Your compassion for Owen is very dear, Katie.


  2. .

    Katie , Thank you for taking the time to write a blog and the beautiful pictures . Is there a Bishop , or someone that is in charge in the Pinecraft community that allow me to visit . I live in Orlando , and would like to visit , but I do not want to intrude on anyone .


    1. Pinecraft is public. There are no restrictions. We are not a cult and there are no community leaders. This is just a section of Sarasota where the Plain People winter, a few live here year round. We have some good eating places in here. come and enjoy your visit.


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