Beauty after Rain

 Still surviving in the front yard. I love how they change color and shape day by day.

 I knew it rained at lot at our scheduled four-o-clock rain. It came down in sheets and obviously Pinecraft is more than soaking wet.

 This is on File Avenue. One more heavy rain and the water will be in on the porch.

 But I did find the boat next door, so there is an escape route if the need arises. 

 This pond is on Tice.

The sunset and the pond in the Pinecraft park. Tonight there were no water fowl using the pond but at times there are. Earlier this summer there were some Sandhill Cranes looking for frogs etc. 


  1. I love these pictures. I am always fascinated and a little frightened by little ponds that spring up from the rain. A few years ago one of my husbands friends, stepped out of bed into knee deep water. They had to get out of their house quick as it had flash flooded and ruined their house completely. Our house sits high on a little hill, so a flash flood is no worry of ours, and their is always that rainbow in the sky that assures me that God will not water us until the whole world drowns. :)

  2. What a beautiful sky in the last photo and the mushrooms are cute. Don't you miss the four seasons, though? Snow, glorious snow! Chilly, crisp autumn nights. New colors every season. Well, you do a good bit of traveling so I guess you're not deprived. And I can just imagine how many people do not feel deprived, in the least, with a lack of snow.

  3. I don't miss winter. Autumn up north I miss the most for it was always my favorite season. But I can go north for a stay or visit anytime I want to. So, no I love Florida.


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