The Oak Tree

 A week ago this tree across the street was struck by lightening.

 It took bark off here and there and threw a few pieces on my porch, plus everywhere else between the tree and my house. 

 It also broke up bricks and cement and put an end to Erma's car unless it can be fixed. 

 After the car was towed Erma noticed the black soot under each tire. 

Some people tell Erma this tree will die. So we keep looking for evidence of dying. I don't know what wildlife is going to do if this tree dies. It has been home for generations of squirrels and numerous birds. And of course it gives lots of shade and has a cooling effect under the hot Florida sun.


  1. Whoa! Too close for comfort! Good thing it didn't hit the house.
    The poor old tree. There it stands regal and proud... and injured. I love trees. And this one certainly has contributed to it's surroundings. My boys would love to climb this old veteran. I hope it doesn't die.

    1. Only time will tell if it is dying,for there is some sap dripping out but maybe it was already doing it before lightening struck and we were not aware of it. But now we notice every little groan the tree makes.


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