Marie Beachy

 Marie moved to Sarasota in October 1989, living with her daughter Mary Lou for fourteen years and the last nine years she lived in Pinecraft, in an apartment spanning Graber & Yoder Ave. She was in the hub of Pinecraft and loved every minute of it. Across the street from her apartment the buses from the north unloaded and reloaded their passengers.

I learned to know her the first winter I was in Pinecraft, in 2002. One Sunday evening I had gone to Sunnyside with Vera Overholt to hear a speaker from Poland. Marie and Desmond also came to Sunnyside because of the Polish speaker. Marie took a seat next to me on the women's side of the church, beings men and women sit separate. Desmond sat with the men. After services we both felt a bit lost among the huge crowd of people, so we looked at each other beings we were seated side by side and started visiting. She was a Troyer, I am a Troyer. Later we found out we are 7th cousin if there is such a thing. Anyway she came to see me later in the week and so our friendship continued down through the years.

Marie was a Godsend during my first years here as I knew nobody and I was still in my shell, sticking my neck out now and then to feeling my way around. Half of the time she was like a mom. A few times I was her mom, depending on circumstances.

 But life has changed and Marie is no longer able to care for herself. about six years ago Mary Lou passed away and so she has no family in Sarasota. After a broken hip, a broken pelvic and a few more falls, the family decided they will care for their mother up north. These shots are her last day in Pinecraft and of her Yard Sale. Abigail Overholt, married to Desmond bought Marie's vehicle. On this day they did the paperwork and finished the transaction.

 Treva Yoder was Marie's maid after her release from the rehab until she left for Chicago about a week later.
 Kelly her granddaughter went with Marie to Chicago. On the right is Lois, Marie's youngest daughter.
 Julie Hertz, Marie's neighbor for eight years kept her hawk's eye on Marie, doing whatever needed to be done while Marie was recovering from her tumbles. The two became very dear and close friends to the point that Julie is a part of the family.

 Susan another neighbor saying her good-byes.

 Marie getting in the car to get to the Sarasota/Bradenton Airport to fly with Kelly.

 Now, what? After twenty-five plus years in Sarasota it feels empty after Marie left for the airport.

 Two weeks later Lois and her brother Nelson flew down to pack up Marie's things she wants and needs in her new home in Chicago. We are never too old to act silly.

 Magdalena browsing at the Yard Sale.

 And Wilma doing the same. Everything that didn't get sold was given away or taken to Goodwill.

 Treva unearthed some treasures among Marie's things. It looks like some anklet bells. I can well imagine Marie dancing with those in her younger years.

 Loading up a few pieces of treasured furniture Shannon bought from Marie.
Lois is repacking her bag in preparation to fly home to South Carolina. Last week was a long week, a hard week and yet times change and we moves on. Marie will make new friends. We will too.


  1. Mom is settling in and unpacking will take another few weeks. She has so many boxes with "treasurers" and stories to go with everything. We are so happy to have her close and Kelly and her family with Joe and I will be checking on her every day. She is already introducing herself to everyone in the hallways and at the lunch and dinner tables. She is sad to leave so many good friends, but realizes that there are more people for her to meet. Keep her in your prayers and send along cards - she loves hearing from all of you. Naomi Lenoci, her oldest daughter.

  2. That can be a hard transition and I pray with family around her she will do great.

  3. Katie, thanks for the nice article about Marie Beachy's life in Pinecraft/Sarasota. Tj Yoder

  4. Enjoyed the article about Marie Beachy.

  5. How kind of you all to give Marie such a send off. Things always change, don't they? This one goes, that one comes. So many changes. Soon enough the busses will be pulling into Pinecraft to give warm respite to those from colder regions. Another change.


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