Minor Changes/Big Impact

 Minor changes took place this past week that very few people notice, most people don't care but it will make a difference this coming winter when Pinecraft is full of people.

All the benches are gone in front of CVS and Dollar Tree. There is no place anymore where old people who can hardly walk lock up their bikes outside the store. This is also a place where people "Sit and Spit" and wait for each other while one goes inside the store to do a bit of shopping. 
 I asked the cashier what happened to the benches? The police came and removed them because of what other did, whoever the others are.

The school bus goes through Pinecraft. I hope the people will get out of the way when the bus comes and goes instead of asking the driver why he has to go through the back streets of Pinecraft?


  1. Katie, a similar thing happened here in Virginia, in a neighboring city at a local park. The city decided to take all the public benches away and put them in storage, because of other people loitering and selling drugs and other things that were bad. This is happening in other places too I hear.

  2. Well, when business plummets they may re-think their actions. If it plummets. Is there a high crime rate in Pine Craft? I don't imagine there is with so many Amish folks populating it, even if it is for just a few months out of the year. Sometimes things are done for the dumbest reasons or worse yet, for no reason at all.

  3. The only thing that gets taken in Pinecraft is bikes, but those are not taken by the homeless. There was a murder in March but that is once in a blue moon. Overall Pinecraft is a safe place.

  4. I received our calendar this week and we are so pleased with it. Very well done! I'm sure we'll enjoy it all year long.
    Thank you! Margaret


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