Elizabeth High's Birthday

Today is Elizabeth's 80th birthday, although we celebrated on Tuesday evening at the Pinecraft park.

I can't remember many names, so I can't tell who made the cake. But the first layer is shaped like a butterfly.

These are some of the first guests to arrive. All of the above live in Pinecraft except Laura Yoder. So they are basically Elizabeth's neighbors. 

 Norm and Barb Borntrager are from the same church Elizabeth attends. Quite a number of her church people were at the party.

 Elizabeth with her swertz cousin, which is a cousin once removed.

 Making the Money Tree bloom.

 Lizzie Hochstetler and Barbara Miller.

 Sisters: Laura Yoder and Fannie Beachy

 The men in the distance. I think the lady in purple from Georgia is a cousin to Elizabeth.

 Elizabeth's niece Tena.

 Ricky who has been a friend to Levi & Elizabeth for a number of years.

 A shadow can move and walk if the real person moves and walks. 

 Quite a bit of singing of hymns.

 The brooms stood and waited...

 A few young guests watch Elizabeth unwrap her gifts.

 This picture is all blurry but it doesn't take the cuteness away.


  1. Katie- the effects on a lot of Hymn singing..(Elizabeth High's birthday) is beautiful ...how did you do that?

  2. If you are asking about the photo editing, I use iPiccy. This effect comes from using HDR Advanced in iPiccy.


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