Biking Pinecraft

 I have been sort of avoiding biking in the park. Since they are working on the Phillippi Creek the bike trail and the north entrance is blocked off. So I bike elsewhere. These are some of the shots I got tonight. I started out with my little home, next to my landlord's house. I appreciate the yard work that is being done every two weeks this summer. 

 I visited a bit with Laura Miller Beiler. She was transplanting Mums. Everything she touches turns into an object of beauty. 

 The Golden Spoon hangs on the privacy fence.

 Some progress is being done here.

 The new Musser home, the view from Miller Ave.

 This is the Graber view. The grounds are ready to be paved into driveways and patios or whatever.
 Even the dumpster and garbage cans look neat and clean. 

At Big Olaf. On the other side of this Yukon stands the barefooted driver feeding his dog ice cream from a Styrofoam cup. Most dogs have a good life down here.

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  1. Katie, your comments are precious... especially your last one! You crack me up!



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