Parrots' Paradise

 Tuesday evening I set my alarm to get up early Wednesday morning to go to Parrots' Paradise. Actually I didn't know it was Paradise. I just knew Laura Beiler was taking me to her sister's place to see the parrots feasting on their breakfast. 

This bird watches from the neighbor's roof. Mattie's birds have to eat in shifts, so this one waits until the parrots had their breakfast and then Mattie brings out breakfast for him.

 This is one of the feeders,
 and here are the other two for the parrots. Laura tried to count the parrots but she quit counting when she came to number 31 as the started flying around. 

These parrots devour about 40 pounds of Sunflower seeds in 2-3 days.

 I like watching the body language between these two parrots. I am pretty sure they were both reaching for the same seed, the biggest, fattest kernel.

"Why did you take my sunflower seed?"

 And then they would gt scared and fly off...
and sit and wait and cuddle, whisper to each other.

 A citrus tree.

 A person needs to pull weeds even in Paradise.

 A water fountain and an angel take up one corner.

There is beauty in every corner and I didn't see all of it. I hope there is a next time.
A little piece of heaven.


  1. I've never seen anything like this! I guess I always assumed parrots came from pet stores that got them from Africa or something. I'm blown away - wish I could see it in person, I bet you loved it!!

    1. I loved this and to think it is only a mile from my home.

  2. Wow, free flying parrots. Not something you see everyday, at least in IL. Birds can be so beautiful and so messy. Oh well, so can people.
    Another angel. The Bible speaks of angels, but they don't reflect the image of the one in your picture. I believe them to be tough, burly, and not to be messed with. I have a small book written by Leo Tolstoy with three charming stories-all about spiritual matters. It's titled "Where Love Is, There God Is Also." I picked it up at an outdoor book sale because I really liked the cover-duh! It ended up being my favorite book. Anyhow, one of the stories is about a fallen angel entitled "What Men Live By." Very good stories if you're ever looking for something out of the ordinary.


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