The Backbone of Pinecraft

 Sangita formerly from India is multitasking - talking on the phone, holding the baby and hanging out the laundry.

 Sam delivering Big Olaf ice cream to Big Olaf Creamery.
 Getting ready to cement a driveway on Kaufman. 

 Ready to unload fresh produce at Yoder's. 

 Allen carrying in a bag on onions.

 Joe carrying in the second bag of onions.

And putting them on the shelf.

Watching these people busy at work made me realize we have some very hard working people in Pinecraft. These men and others are the backbone of Pinecraft. It is because of them that makes it possible for Pinecraft to be a vacation spot, a winter resort for the Plain People and many others.


The Cycle of Nature

There is still nature around even though more people are coming in.  Laura Miller Beiler has numerous bird feeders out.  I watch...