A Family Working Bee

Syl's work was to cook stew in an iron kettle. It is his specialty and no two cookers ever taste alike. It is the same with Amish Henry's Cowboy Stew or the Zook guy that makes and sells barbecue ribs in Pinecraft that have a good taste all their own and sell like hot cakes. 
 The Working Bee was at Joe & Diane's place and so they had both of their families there. Edna and I were just extras. I spend most of my evening sitting somewhere taking photos as the evening progressed. 

 It takes effort to walk these Holmes County hills and so I just hopped on the wagon with Braxton. Rhoda a great niece, has strength and she had no problem with the two of us. I am sure we didn't pull a muscle in her.

 The one year old children ate first. All Grandma Sara needed to do was hold the soup bowl for the little guy.

 Rhoda feeding Braxton.

 The four year old twins helped themselves with desert. This is Jeneva and Joel is dishing it out in the next pic.

 I watched this with great interest, as Ian wanted to drive this Cozy Coupe. But Jeneva had it, so she fed him cake with hopes he would forget about taking a ride. After the cake was gone, he still wanted to ride...
 so the both squeezed in. It didn't work, so Ian got out and Jeneva took a few rides and then let Ian have it. I watched this in total amazement as there was no grabbing, slapping or screaming. I didn't hear a sound coming from both of these children.

 These cousins had fun with their cousins Jensen and Braxton's modern toys. I well remember those times whenever we were at our cousin's place who was an only child, how we went after her tricycle and scooter. But Mattie loved coming to our place because we had lots of siblings to play with each other.

 Here are a few of the men working on changing a door. They built shelves, did the yard work etc.

 And when dusk came and the cold wind whistled through out bones we took to the fire pit, warming up toes.
 and roasting marshmallows for S'mores.
 These marshmallows caught on fire.

The bigger children took to the Sparklers. It was a good evening, a very good evening.


  1. You're good at studying the children. I like Jeneva's plan of feeding him cake so he'll forget about the coupe. That strategy could serve her well later in life. Wonderful picture series. It felt like I was there.

    1. Thank you Monica. Later in life Jeneva will have to feed her man cake, actually not just her man most everyone she comes in contact with.

  2. I always enjoy your blog Katie. It's a touch of home for me to see the families and the area. Your sense of humor and observation are exceptional.


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