Dwight Roth & Richard Stevick's Book Signing at German Village

 Dwight Roth with Sister Edna and myself. I had met Dwight in Pinecraft at his book talks at the Tourist Mennonite Church a couple of months ago. He is the coauthor of Kinship Concealed, Amish Mennonite-African American family connections. There are two amazing narratives in this book. This is the story of Amish immigrant brothers, Jacob and John Mast. One became an Amish bishop while the other brother moved to North Carolina and with time his son or grandson became a slave owner. Out of this slavery a little slave boy was born out of wedlock. Many generations later two descendants met  on a Midwestern campus college... 
 Owen Yoder, I think is his name. Usually whenever I am in Ohio and German Village has a book signing of my writer friends I wait until the last hour figuring I have more time to visit. Today was such a day with both Dwight Roth and Richard Stevick.

Edna and I with Richard. Richard's new book is the second edition of GrowingYears, Up Amish Rumspringa Years. His original edition came out in 2007, only seven years ago. But Rumspringa has changed a lot in seven years time, mostly because of modern technology.
Both of these books are available for a very reasonable price from Amazon.
This guy with the cute son is Reuben Hochstetler/Hostetler.

Edna and I thoroughly enjoyed our visit with these two professors. Dwight said Edna looks worldly but I am worldly. Another observation from Dwight who he is good friends with Ollie Troyer from Kansas. He saw some Troyer similarities between Ollie and the two of us. That was an amazing observation being we are 7th cousin with Ollie.

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  1. Good Morning Katie. I love reading your comments and seeing your photos. I am going to buy the first book you mentioned here. It sounds too interesting to not read it. Thank you for sharing your world with us.


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