Frog Pond School

 The Buck heading toward the schoolhouse, jumping onto the porch, ready to ring the bell to call his flock in. But then he changed his mind and returned to his sheep.

 The view to the left. Two generations ago I knew whose farm this is, but not anymore. I am sure it changed hands a few times since I was in third grade and went past here everyday on the school bus.

 To the right of the schoolhouse is the fresh water pump and water trough for the sheep.

 We waited a while with hopes he would jump back on the porch again. I was ignored and so I did a bit of "Sheep Talk".

 I got his attention but he refused to obey my voice. I guess I was the voice of a stranger and since he didn't know my voice, he wouldn't follow orders. 

Before we left I took one last shot of the horse barn. Frog Pond is one of my favorite school to do photo shooting. I know the schoolhouse is loaded with memories, if it could talk as it has been occupied for quite a few generations.


  1. Hello Kathie.
    Where are the children? the empty coldness all past lost in our memories is a treasure in the heavens and on earth here is the reason for my project.
    A soon.
    May the Lord guide our steps towards this inspiration is to your side.

    1. This is their summer vacation. The children don't return to school until August or September. A local farmer usually takes advantage of the grass growing in the school yard by turning in sheep to grace.

    2. Katie, where exactly is Frog Pond School?

    3. Frog Pond is on Kidron/Mt Hope Road, just south of 250. The school might go by another name, but 50 years ago it was Frog Pond.


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