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 The Pioneer bus came in today. Noah Chupp and Marvin Mast are the drivers. They leave tomorrow afternoon with about 35 passengers, including my luggage. I didn't want the long bus ride, so I looked around for a reasonable flight and found one going from Sarasota Florida into Canton/Akron Ohio tomorrow evening. I am planning on picking up my luggage at Pioneer's office Thursday afternoon.

 I am listening in to a Spanish conversation with the one on the ground. I can't understand a word they are saying.
 One little bike didn't make it into Bill's Bike Shop before he locked up for the summer. The bike sits or stands with torn tires.

I will probably never find out what is in this bag. It is stapled shut and warm to the touch but nobody in the crowd was allowed to know what is in it.


  1. My kids and I like to hit the Shipshewana Flea Market in IN once in a while. I couldn't believe the amount of busses on the highway. It made me wonder how many of them were filled with Amish folks. Since the windows were tinted there was no way for me to know. A year or so ago, before I started viewing your photos, it never would have crossed my mind to even wonder such a thing.

    While in Shipshewana last week I noticed the significant amount of Amish people using bicycles for transportation. In most cases it seemed fine. But a couple of times I couldn't help but feel bad for some of the older individuals straining to reach the top of a hill with baskets full of goods. It was hot out and I wondered if this was a regular occurrence and if heat stroke was a problem for seniors during the summer. Too bad there isn't public transportation for them to take advantage of.

    1. Most of the people who pedal are in good shape. Levi Jones from Indiana who comes down here every winter will have his 100th birthday in October. He still uses a regular bike, claiming the 3-wheel bikes are for old people.


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