A Glimpse of My Day

 Pinecraft is saturated, but the storms passed and the sun is shining brightly. The forecast doesn't look like rain for the next ten days or so. And the night temperatures are to be down under 70 degree. 

 These and more men with similar shirts were cleaning up along Bahia Vista.

 I don't know where this man is from or where he was going, but he did a complete U-turn on Bahia Vista when he spotted me sitting and watching people in front of Big Olaf. I appreciate our little visit.

 These girls were on the bus yesterday from Ohio. This is their first time they have ever been in Florida.

 There are now enough people here for some good Shuffleboard games. Tonight this is the women's side of the game...

 and this is the men' side. In this crowd are Henry Wagler, Bill, Junior Fisher, Joe Fisher, (I think) Ben Miller. Elmer Nolt is at the fence.

These two are cousins, something I didn't know until tonight. They are taking a look at the 2015 Pinecraft Calendar.


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