Nixa Atlee's Great Grandson

 Years ago there were three brothers who went by the names of Freckles, Grandpa and Nix. To this day I am not sure I know what their birth names were, but I think Freckles was Levi, Grandpa was Moses and Nix was Eli Troyer. I learned to know Nix the best when we moved north of Apple Creek Ohio in 1969 we were in the same church district as Nix was. I think his wife's name was Emma. Iva and Davy were still single and lived at home. Melvin, Dannie, Levi, Eli and Dena were married and lived within the same church district. Atlee and his family had moved to Juniata County Pennsylvania. I never learned to know Atlee until I moved down here in 2008 or so. He was a widower and spend his winter months here. Being we knew many of the same people, we enjoyed visiting with each other. About 2009 I took a picture of Atlee with my cousin's husband Abe Weaver at the Pinecraft Park and put it in my first photo book that Yoder's Gift Shop and Der Dutchman's sell. 
 Anyway the first picture here is Nixa' Atlee's great-grandson looking at his great-grandpa. They were browsing the Pinecraft Photo Books and Great Grandpa's photo popped out. I can not put in words how pleased I am that these little boys get a glimpse of their great-grandpa, because I took pictures. Also Atlee didn't care if I did, for he knew his descendants will appreciate the photos I take of him. 
 For those who know the Amish linage of names. The young Daddy is married to Nixa Atlee's John's daughter and they live in Fremont Michigan.

 They got on the Pioneer bus this afternoon, heading for Shipshewana Indiana where someone will take them to their Michigan home.

This is the oldest of three boys and those who know the Nix clan, doesn't he look like Nixa Atlee? And also like a lot of the Nixa grandchildren did back in the 1970's?


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