Alligator or Pizza

 On Saturday Erma my neighbor offered me some Alligator meat from Detwiler's Market. I took a few pieces because I really wanted to like it. I fixed with all of my favorites like onion, garlic, peppers, tomatoes and mushrooms. It tasted good according to my taste buds, although the meat was tough and I had to chew it a long time. The toughness wasn't such a big problem either, because I chew my food well and eat slowly, just like my Dad did. Even so when the meat reached my stomach it didn't know what to do, so it wouldn't settle down. So I had enough Alligator, at least for today and tomorrow...
So to make myself feel better I biked up to Emma's Pizza Shop and got the best meatless pizza. My stomach was happy and so I was happy too.


  1. That pizza looks absolutely scrumptious!! The alligator now...little different story. :-) I have tried alligator sausage, but I'm not sure what else was mixed in. You don't post any too often...I so look forward to them! :-)

    1. We are just starting the winter season, so I will probably be posting more often. In the Summer months there is not much to post about. Pinecraft becomes a ghost town.


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