Food and Fellowship

Midmorning I was on my way outside to find me some food for my lunch. I got only as far as the Laundromat where I met up with Frankie, who was on her way home from doing her laundry. Then a voice came out of Harvey & Leanna's home inviting us both to come inside. And so we both heeded the invitation.

 Leanna needed people to taste her food and give an honest opinion. This was her first try at a Pot Roast. We were ushered to the table and given a plate of mashed potatoes swimming in Pot Roast gravy and meat.  This gravy and meat was the best. 

 Leanna also made a new dessert of Brownie mix, whipped topping and homemade chocolate pudding. It was a very tasty dessert without being overly sweet.

We did more than taste food, we also had a very good visit with Frankie, who is leaving Pinecraft tomorrow after being here for the summer. 


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