Going North

Today I didn't take many pictures for I wasn't out much, for it was too cold for comfort. There were no women at the shuffleboard this afternoon and the few men that were shuffling wore stocking caps and coats. 
I was when the Pioneer Bus loaded, heading north where it is much colder than Florida.

Fred, Sam and Martha are reading the passengers list while waiting on the right person to unlock the bus, so the men can start loading the luggage.

 Almost everybody takes a look at the passengers' list.

 The majority, if not all of these six women were here to clean houses.

 The last passengers to board the bus. There is always the first passengers and the last ones. 

All aboard, everyone on and the last "Good-Byes".


  1. I enjoy your pictures very much.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Pinecrest looks like a beautiful place.
    I love seeing the every day life you capture with your camera.


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