Christmas in Pinecraft

 I did not take many pictures of the Pinecraft Christmas Parade, because I was in the parade. I shared on my page Ernest Bontrager's video of the parade. The following photos were taken throughout the day.

In the quiet of this morning these children had all the sand at the Volleyball court to play with. 

 Glowing gold at sunset.

 Trusting her Daddy with her hands in his back pockets.

Group biking

A gathering place for young men.

The old people enjoying the younger generation.

Walking the dog.

Nettie Chupp has most of her family in Pinecraft for Christmas. Each of these balloons had some money in it. Each participant shot three darts and if they busted a balloon, the money was theirs. 

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  1. Hello Kathie .

    Merry Christmas and happy new year 2017 .
    Thank you for the blog



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