An Evening at the Park

 I intentionally went out tonight even though it looked like rain, probably a storm. I debated where I want to be when it rains and decided the park is the best place, for the pavilion is big enough for us all. 

 The shuffleboard players got rained out. 

These four sort of waited a bit thinking it might clear up, but they all departed. 

The Yoga class also went for the pavilion for shelter and  had their exercise in one end. They were okay until the storm was right upon us and the thunder & lightening was frightening. We adults braced ourselves for each lightening strike while the children cried in fear. In no time at all the parents of the Yoga class had their children gathered and all left in a hurry. 

And then three homeless came in for they needed shelter, a roof over their heads. The homeless along with some of the local neighbors had good conversation. 

For me it was a very good evening with rain, severe lightening and conversation. But it wouldn't quit raining, although it slowed down. I had a plastic bag with me which I wrapped my camera in, put my iPhone in a safe place where it wouldn't get wet, and I headed home. I had the streets to myself and I took advantage of my bike's speed. It was my fastest ride ever.    


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