Buttermilk Handcrafted Food

Today Nancy and I went food sampling. Buttermilk Handcrafted Food officially opened September 10th, four days ago. This was our choice for today. The two of us have done quite a bit of trying out new food places. Nancy thrives in the kitchen and had worked for yours in restaurants and such places. I love trying out new food, not so much sweets but rather breakfast food. I also never leave the table stuffed as it takes only a few bites to get the taste of food. Today's food was very good.  

 These three are in the showcase, plus they had some of the hugest cookies and some pie.

 Steve and Jolene ordering their food. Meeting up with them was not preplanned. It just happened.

 My view into the kitchen.

 Nancy ordered Cheesy Grits & Shrimp.
 I had an Egg Casserole sandwich. 
 We shared our food, so we had a taste of everything.

Buttermilk Handcrafted Food is located on Palmer. They have a Facebook page with more information etc. 

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