After the Rain, Before More Rain

 I think Tropical Storms make Floridians giddy, nervous and adventurous, similar to you northerns do when a snow storm or blizzard comes swooping in. We love to be out in elements and take some risks just for the fun  of it. Pus being coped indoors for more than one day drives most of us up the wall. I guess we are outdoor people. 
It is like Olan said, he has to be out and about every day. 

And so this morning as soon as I had my breakfast I headed outside with my camera, knowing we will have more rain and wind this afternoon. Will Wagler's empty lot has water has plenty of water. 

 This is that overflow place at the park. 

 It is hard to judge by photos but the Phillippi Creek almost overflows at this spot.  

 The Little Blue Heron

 This is the Phillippi Creek, looking north.

 Omar Stoltzfus mowing high green grass at the Landromat.

 Yoder's was close today. Last evening the waste water system down at the Pinecraft park was at its full capacity and couldn't get rid of the water in the ditches etc fast enough, so it started backing up. Toilets and drainpipes were ready to do the reverse, so the Health Department asked Yoder's Restaurant to close its doors for the day. Nothing overflowed but it was just a precaution. Dawn is sitting here to let the people who want to eat why they are closed for the day.
Later this afternoon Nancy and I both wanted to get out of the house and so we went for a ride. This is on the north side of the Phillippi Creek.

 Then we went out to Lido Beach. I had always wanted to be at the beach in stormy weather. Today was my chance. More people stopped at the beach with camera in hand for the same reason we did. 

 This spot is at the narrowest part of the beach. A few of the biggest waves came up to this block and touched the weeds. I was standing close to that block to shoot photos and it took all my strength to keep my feet on the ground. I didn't stay out there long but it was fun.

Back behind this wall it was safer.


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