Tonight's Shuffleboard Court

I was so totally surprised when I biked up to the Shuffleboard tonight and saw who is shuffling, women I had never seen shuffling before. I imagine in their younger years they did shuffle but not since I live in Pinecraft. So this is Dan Miller Barbara and Mahlon Anna or just Anna Yoder.

I quickly had to see who is at the other end of the shuffleboard. The women are Leanna Miller, her Mother Barbara and Vera Miller (I think). Vera moved in with Mahlon Anna and is more or less her caretaker. It is good to see Anna and Vera out and about. During the times Anna had Molly, her dog she would be out biking and walking her dog at the same time. Anna biked and the dog walked.

I can't forget John Henry for he is an old pro when it comes to shuffling. His wife left him today, just for a week and he will go up north and join her.

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