Lido Beach

Yesterday morning I went to Lido Beach. The view from the John Ringling Bridge.

I didn't go down into the water but instead sat and watched the clouds and looked all around me. Few people were out this time of the day and so I had a lot of space all to myself. This view is to the south.

This view is to the north, where storm clouds were passing through. At the first thunder clap, nobody stirred and everyone kept doing whatever they were doing. A few minutes later the second thunder clapped louder and about half of the people took notice, got up and left. We were in with the second clap and so I don't know if it rained or didn't rain. But I saw what I wanted to see, storm clouds coming out of the west and the sun shining from the east and I was sitting between the two forces.

I don't know who this old guy is but he looks quite fit. He was out walking the sandy trails and getting his exercise.


  1. My favorite beaches in Florida when i lived there was hands down located in Sarasota!. The east coast of Fla couldnt hold a candle to the west side. Richard


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