The Pioneer Trails Bus Leaves

Yesterday the bus came and today it left again for the north. Today everyone was on time and in fifteen minutes more or less the bus had all its passengers and was gone.

A little bit more visiting...

John Beachy from Ohio looks like he might be in a bit of pain. He has both crutches under one arm which may be a bit strange but how else would he pull his luggage.

After the bus left the local ladies catch up and visit a bit. We really don't see that much of each other even if we live in Pinecraft.


  1. Its September 1 already Katie today, so you wont be as alone with Pinecraft soon filling up before you know it. I wonder how the motel that was being built at troyers is finished as yet. I have not been in Sarasota for a little over a year now, so I've lost touch as to what's going on down there. Richard


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