Skinny's Barb - Mom's Cousin

Years ago my Grandpa's sister Sarah married Skinny John. I don't know why he went by the name "Skinny" but he did. Anyway Skinny and Sarah had a family and they named their oldest daughter Barbara, names after Sarah's Mother, Honsamony Bevely. Bevely was an Amish name for Barbara.

Skinny's Barb was one of the first of Honsamony's grandchildren to leave the Amish. She was of course excommunicated and probably is still in the bann to this day. Today I met Skinny's Barb in Pinecraft. She obviously is just like some more of us Honsamonys are; we have to know who is who, and where they come from and what they are doing. Anyway today she wanted to know who I am. I said I am from Holmes County and then she asked who my parents are? I told her Petie Troyer. She took a double look at me and asked Petie & Barb? I said Yes. And then she announced that she is my Mom's first cousin. This got got me going and I just had to know who she is. She is Skinny's Barb, the woman on the left in the above picture. Small world. We exchanged address and phone numbers. I think she has lots of Honsamony stories to tell.

Even before I knew who Skinny's Barb is I was drawn to her daughter pictured in the red dress. I didn't know why but there was just something like I ought to know who she is. But later I knew the reason I ought to know her. She looks like a Honsamony, like her Mother's cousin David Schlabach Lizzie.

Growing old and living in Pinecraft is very interesting, for I never know who I will meet up with.  


  1. I remember i used to subscribe to the budget and enjoyed reading Noah Gingerich's column every week. I met him one time and was invited to his home, i remember him telling me he was working on a book about Pinecraft, and around the same year that he passed away i bought his book. I have not read the budget in years, but I'm sure that know one is writing as much in and about Pinecraft as he did. Richard from Amish Stories.

  2. My Grandpa Mast used to have a lot of Honsamony stories to tell. I wish now that I would have paid more attention to them.

  3. Who is or was your Grandpa Mast? Is he realted to Levi Mast who had married a Honsamony? Is there any Mast in your family I could pepper with questions, because I am working on a Honsaomny Family Album, just my branch.


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