On The Farm

Last evening I spend about an hour on a farm about a 45 minute drive from Sarasota. So these young farmers had lots of visitors while they did the milking.
Lena is not petting the dog, but the Pot Belly Pig.

Feeding the cows before letting them in to be milked.

And the cows are waiting. I don't know if they are that eager to be milked or if they can't wait to be fed.

Some bare feet.

Washing utters

And playing with the pig

I have never found a cat yet that likes her picture taken. It seems they are camera shy.

The calf or one of the bigger calves eye-balling me.

And the pigs squealed

More feet

The baby calf and the old farm dog...

The Pot Belly Pig is truly a pet. I think I saw it going into the house after the milking was complete.

This is the calf I wanted to kiss but it bawled for it's mother.

A pig is a pig, is a pig... The pig's way to drink her share of the milk. The dog will get his share too.

But the dog will not drink with the pig. He growls and the pig moves back. I love the expressions on the little boys' faces.

Cleaning manure off the boots.

The baby calf with her Momma.


  1. I've heard of people having pigs as pets before but I can't imagine it. Sounds kind of smelly but they sure are cute!

  2. Hi Katie! It's been a long summer and I have SO much catching up to do.... this was a GREAT START!

  3. That little piggly wiggly is so cute! Love the pic of you and the calf!

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